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Chloe Gray

In love with the gift sets, the products smell so good, and I love that they are all natural ingredients and cruelty free. Not only this but the packaging is beautiful too. Will definitely recommend. The lip butter is also really amazing, my lips feel so hydrated after being a little sore from the cold. Will definitely purchase again!


The rejuvenate oil is amazing!  I am on my feel a LOT and in the evenings I've been massaging the oil into my feet whilst doing reflexology.  Four nights in and I am not only sleeping better, but I feel more relaxed and have no aches in my feet anymore! It's pure magic!  Smells great too. Highly recommended!

Jen S

I have purchased both the Geranium and Lavender soy candles (multiple times), and the scents are so divine. Each are individual scents in their own right and I light one or the other depending on my mood. Both scents fill my room with a subtle but beautiful natural smell, a fresh smell, and create a calming and soothing atmosphere. I light one every day! Highly recommended.

Kathy Denman

I have tried all the products and they are wonderful. The diffuser smells divine. The mosquito spray actually works. The Rose water spray is soothing, and the body oil is wonderful. I take the lavender remedy roll-on on flights. Everything is beautiful and ethical. I cannot recommend enough.


I lost my mum a few days ago and my Auntie bought me a gift box which contained your lavender roll. It's possibly one of the only things to have given me a sense of calm over the past few days, it smells so beautiful. I have taken to carrying it around in my handbag so that I can roll some on when things seem to be getting too much. Amazing product! Will certainly be purchasing more when this runs out.


Loving all of the wild swan products - the diffuser literally smells of sunshine and the lip balm and bath salts are heavenly too. So good to know it’s all natural and supporting a small business. Thank you!! X

Maxine Dennis

These products are really delightful. The candles are beautiful - a soothing and relaxing scent that is not overpowering, but just right. The whole ethos of the products is up-lifting.


Loving my Lavender Sleep Remedy Roll, really helps to relax me and have a better night sleep.

The Lavender fragrance is just right, it's not too over powering, very calming.

Anne Cooper

I have been lucky enough to try Wild Swan products. They are beautiful! I love that they are pure and also use high quality aromatherapy oils and know-how.

What’s not to love?

 I received the reed diffuser and I love it!

It's on our kitchen window sill and I keep getting wafts when I wash up - it's gorgeous!

Megan Everett

I recently received a gift which included a bar of Unwind soap. The whole package smelt lovely because of the lavender used in the soap, and I couldn't be happier with the product. It is handmade locally and the company has great values with products being vegan friendly! I'm glad I am now aware of such a nice company nearby because I will definitely be sourcing gifts from them in the future!

Lorah-Kate Allen

Such gorgeous products at Wild Swan. The bath salts smelt lovely and were so relaxing. Lovely service too.

I also have the pulse point remedy oil which smells amazing! Highly recommend.

Linda Whalley

Received a gift of a bundle of products (thank you Mrs C!) and can honestly say all are fab. The calming lavender roll is fab to use at any time of day and is really nice before a Zoom call (nicely distracting - who would have thought?!). The insect repellent spray smells fab and has been very effective in hot and muggy weather in deepest Lancashire. I have been doing some serious gardening and haven’t been troubled by insects at all – I would recommend and expect I will stock up myself soon too.

Sharan Randhawa

Fabulous products! Especially love the rose water spray, it’s so refreshing and gentle. My son has eczema and I used it on his dry skin. It really helped and it didn’t irritate.

Jayne Hardy

One of the things I've been acutely aware of in recent times is the impact of stress. Having these rollerballs on my desk (all 5 scents) helps me to be mindful about what wonkiness I'm experiencing and then the carefully and beautifully crafted scents temper those feelings and help bring me back to a calm, soothed, and focused state. My daughter too, who is aged 6, has stolen one and has it beside her bed, she said that when she can't sleep, it helps her.


Thank you so much Jess x

Tiphanie Durram

I use the baby body butter/balm on my son’s scalp about once a week and it really helps clearing up his cradle cap. I also use it on areas of his skin that are extra dry; usually his feet and ankles. We love this product!

Tiphanie Durram 

My son’s skin was very very dry after he was born so we started using the baby oil when he was a few days old, and it cleared his dry skin within a couple of days. We use it everyday after bath time and it keeps my son’s skin soft, and helps reduce his redness. I love that it’s all natural and fragrance free - only the best for my baby! 

Tiphanie Durram

I started using Wild Swan’s bump oil when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and I love it. It kept my skin soft and moisturised; my tummy was never itchy after using it. It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way. I like the fact that it’s very slightly scented - I’m not a big fan of overwhelmingly scented skin products. I still use it now postpartum and I am sure it helps my stretch marks to fade away. I’m all about cruelty free, natural and great quality products and this product is definitely all of that!

Selina Williams

Penelope has been suffering with a dry scalp and dry patches on her skin since birth. We’ve tried a couple of different products which haven’t made much of a difference. After using Wild Swan baby oil just once, we noticed a huge change to Penelope's scalp! Her skin was visibly less dry and flaky and her skin feels so silky and smooth. It’s also made from natural ingredients & is cruelty free which is very important to us :) I would highly recommend this oil to all mommas out there!



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