Our remedy rolls are specially blended by hand, in Sheffield, using pure essential oils.

They are a handy pocket size too, so you can simply use these delightful remedy rolls at any time, anywhere.


Available in 5 scents;


1. 'Calma' - with lavender: helping to combat anxiety and restlessness, and even helps to relieve headaches. It's also very effective for helping you get a good nights sleep and on long-haul flights (helping you to dose off if you struggle to sleep on planes).


2. 'Zen' - with chamomoile & frankincense: helping to drive away negative emotions, improve the memory, and boost the immune system. It's effective for helping those during intense study periods, and also during meditation/yoga practices.


3. 'Yang" - with rose, geranium & rosewood: helping to balance your emotions and hormones (the yang to your yin), reduce fatigue and uplift your mood. It's effective for those on their menstrual cycle and going through menopause. 


4. 'Zesty' - with orange: helping to enhance and lift your mood. It's effective for anyone suffering with depression.


5. 'Wild Rose' - with rosewood: helping to eliminate feelings of frustration and settle anxiety. Effective for those who need to take some time out to relflect, and need a little help to take their mind off things.

Essential Oil Pulse Point Remedy Rolls

  • * 9ml
    * Handy pocket sized
    * Vegan product
    * Natural ingredients; Pure High Grade Essential Oils, and Floral Water/Grapeseed Oil
    * Soothing and delightful
    * Rub on temples
    * Rub on wrists and neckline on clothing
    * Well-being benefits (see indvudual scent descriptions)
    * Made by hand

  • We do not except refunds or exchanges on this product due to hygeine reasons, but please contact us if your product is faulty or damaged.