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Wild Garlic

It's wild garlic season, and we were out foraging and photographing it whilst on a branding shoot with We Are Da Silva

It’s amazing what you can do with this British native plant.

We have used it many times in a few of our dishes and it tastes really delicious & distinctive. We add the flowers to the the hot oil before we add the main ingredients and then we add the leaves towards the end, and simmer/cook it a bit like you would spinach.

Wild Garlic is actually a superfood and is known to help lower cholesterol and blood-pressure.

Wild Garlic, also known as Ramsons, is coming towards the end of it’s season. So it is best picked late April and early May.

If you see some, why not grab a handful and try it out?

It’s quite easy to spot and smell as you should get a strong whiff or garlic as you walk past it. If in doubt crush the flowers/bulb heads and they should give off a strong garlic smell too.

They are usually found in woodland at the side of a river bank, pond and stream.

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