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Order A Well-Being Gift Box Online And Include A Personalised Message, For Free

In our light-filled Sheffield studio we have been busy working on our well-being gift boxes, and included a couple of different variations. Many of our well-being gift boxes are purchased as gifts for birthdays, celebrations, get-well presents and even just a kind gesture between friends. We have listened to our wonderful customers and we now offer an optional personalised message from you, to include in your well-being box, for free. We also have free delivery on all well-being boxes via our site for the next 4 weeks.

See the 3 variations below;

Online well-Being Gift Boxes
Relax Well-Being Gift Box

Online well-being Gift Set
Unwind Well-Being Gift Box

Handmade well-being gift set
Uplift Well-Being Gift Box

Head over to our online shop to get yours.

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