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Natural and Organic Handmade Sanitiser Spray

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Our hands are so precious, not only do they help us navigate the world through touch, but they work so hard performing a multitude of tasks. We also use them to express emotions from flapping about in anger and despair to love blowing kisses and graceful dance expressions. Our hands are always in full view, on show and we often adorn them with jewellery and paint our nails, our hands are also quick to reveal our age and tired, overworked hands can look even older.

Our hands need as much care as our face, and body, and as we are washing our hands so much more these days (which is a good thing), however using unnatural soaps will often dry out our skin, sometimes causing them to be sore, chapped and inflamed (see our range of natural handmade soaps go here). Switching to hand sanitisers are a great natural germ-busting alternative, and as ours come in a 30ml travel-sized bottle we can pop them into our pockets and bags, and use them easily as and when needed.

Here at Wild Swan we have crafted a lovely hand sanitiser specifically with you in mind. It comes in a 30ml reusable/recyclable bottle and is made with with completely natural ingredients: rubbing alcohol, floral water, and geranium essential oil.

Besides smelling gloriously delicious geranium essential oil is known to enhance circulation, boost immunity, helps to prevent infection and is anti-septic. Did you also know the ancient Egyptians used geranium oil as a beauty product? They used it to soften the skin, prevent premature ageing and to make their skin look radiant. A perfect and carefully chosen ingredient which is in our hand sanitiser spray.

Our second ingredient is floral water, which is just so underrated! It's super safe to use on the skin and traditionally used as a skin toner as it has a refreshingly light fragrance which cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. We don't want those precious hands of yours to dry out!

Our third ingredient in our little bottle of wonder is made up of 70% of organic rubbing alcohol, which has multiple uses. Apart from being a natural bactericidal helping to kill germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses, it can also be used as a surface disinfectant and even relieve nausea by simply smelling it. It can of course make the skin a little dry but because we have carefully blended it together with geranium essential oil and floral water this should help prevent this happening. It is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that hand sanitisers must contain at least 60% of rubbing alcohol, so we added 70% to make sure it really is effective, but we didn't want to go over 70% as that will start to dry-out the hands.

Our hand sanitiser is so easy to use; just spray into the palm of the hand and rub both hands together, back and front till completely dry. This is important as if not thoroughly dry the benefits can be lost if wiped or dried off. Not only can it be sprayed onto the hands but clothes and surfaces too.

Our little bottle of wonder not only helps to protect us from all the possible germs transported to our hands via touching everyday things, but is also wonderfully kind to our skin.

You can pick up one here.

Stay safe and keeping hand-washing, but don't forget to look after your precious hands,

The Wild Swans xo

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