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Mama & Baby Natural Skincare Range

If you are already familiar with Wild Swan then you may (or may not) know that all of our products have been created and designed for a personal need, prior to them been made available to purchase. After all that is how Wild Swan initially started.

When pregnant with my little cygnet, Frida, I found it extremely difficult to find 100% natural skincare products that were plant based, nourishing & healing for my dry skin and stretch-mark prone areas. So I created my own. Which then led to intensive research on newborn baby natural skincare (including a Diploma in Natural Skincare), and now I have a growing range of beautiful natural skincare products, for both mother and baby.

Frida was 3 weeks and 1 day overdue, she was over-cooked and it was evident as her skin was incredibly dry and flaky. I knew if I was to use anything it had to be 100% natural, and I used both the baby oil and baby butter/balm (that I had created pre-birth) as she needed the whole of her body treating. In the initial stages I could leave the treatment on as she wore mits, and didn’t have the ability to reach her own feet and hair anyway.

Below are some pictures of her hands, feet and legs when she was just days old.

Now I massage it in (she’s 4 months and teething), and rinse off after in the bath. I massage it all over her body and her hair (I don’t use shampoo). See some latest photos of her below...

It’s worked wonders for her skin and hair, and many other mamas have said it's worked for their babies too. You can read some reviews here.

You can view the list of ingredients in each product by clicking on he products in the online shop, and what they are designed to do i.e treat eczema, nappy rash, cradle cap etc. Please feel free to drop me an email with any product related questions you may have.

The range of products created are available to buy either individually, or as a gift set. The gift set makes a perfect baby shower gift & mum-to-be gift. The gift set includes the Mama Bump Oil, Mama Peri Oil, Baby Butter, and Baby Skin & Scalp Oil. The products included in the gift set also come in an eco-friendly cotton drawstring bag.

The baby products, and perineal massage oil are all fragrance free. The Mama Bump Oil contains a very small amount of lavender essential oil due to it's antibacterial and healing properties for the skin.

You can purchase and read more about each of the products in the shop listing here.

I do intend to grow this range into postnatal well-being, and add more baby products as Frida grows, and her skincare needs change.

Keep posted for further updates and please subscribe to our newsletter for Wild Swan‘s latest info, offers and health tips.

All products are made in Sheffield, England, and all of our ingredients locally and ethically sourced.

I'm also qualified in formulating natural skincare.

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