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Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Sleep is important for all of us as it’s nature’s way of recharging and restoring our body and mind for a new day. A good night's sleep helps sustain brain function & is the best anti-aging treatment as it replenishes your skin. So what can we do to help get a better nights sleep?

Lavender essential Oil
Sleep Remedy Roll

At Wild Swan we recommend using products that have Pure Lavender essential oil as a main ingredient as it's an excellent remedy to help you relax at bedtime; it offers calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress levels at any time of the day. It will also serves as a great sleeping aid for the whole family as it helps you to fall asleep faster and enhances quality of sleep during the night.

Lavender remedy roll
Our Sleep Remedy Roll made with pure lavender essential oil will help you relax and aid a better night's sleep.


To help you sleep better you can add a few drops of essential oil (or use our ‘sleep’ remedy roll) on your pajama top / dressing gown or on your pillow, you can also unwind in a warm bath infused with our lavender bath salts.

Our Sleep remedy roll is a handy pocket size so if you're feeling anxious or restless throughout the day, just roll on the wrists or temples. Lavender is a timeless favourite for good reason.

Handmade with love in Sheffield we only use the best aromatherapy graded pure essential oils, and quality materials which and eco friendly and recallable wherever possible.

If you try it and let us know how you get on.

Notes: Please always dilute pure essential oil as it will irritate the skin if applied directly. Our remedy roll is already diluted with floral water and safe to use directly on the skin, although try to avoid any contact with the eyes and mouth, rinse throughly if contact is made.

What's in our 'Sleep' Remedy Roll:

  1. Floral Water

  2. Pure Lavender Essential Oil

It's a natural and vegan product.

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