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Help Beat Depression With Our Orange Remedy Roll

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Our Zesty Remedy Roll is one of our most recently launched products and is one of five remedy rolls each infused with different essential oils. Zesty is already proving to be incredibly popular and with good reason.

Zesty like all our products is crafted with you in mind. After all, your well being is of upmost importance, especially during these challenging global times. We all need that extra support now and then as feelings of stress, overwhelm and depletion are a sign of our times and, a signal to not only slow down but take a good look at how we are living in the world. Our lovely zesty remedy roll is blended with high grade orange pure essential oil. Essential oils are both natures pharmacy and earth medicine and have been used for thousands of years to support health, well being and in beauty products. They are also without doubt a wonderful antidote to synthetic scents and harsh chemicals found in many of our home products and toiletry cabinets. Orange essential oil will help give you a boost and put that all important spring back into your step and, is known to strengthen the emotional body! It also helps to promote feelings of joy, well being and cheerfulness, it has anti-septic qualities and also known to help with pain relief and exercise performance. Zesty has been thoughtfully created to help you out when things seem to be just a bit too much. Zesty can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, the blues and mild depression - restoring a sense of joy and wellness pure magic! Zesty remedy roll is hand crafted in Sheffield and is perfectly designed to fit snuggly into your handbag or pocket so that it can be used discreetly as and when required. Oh and did we forget to mention it smells deliciously divine too.

You can get yours here... They also make a thoughtful gift to a loved one.

The Wild Swans xo


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