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Combat Anxiety With Our Natural Vegan Remedy Roll

You know that feeling… when you can’t breathe and your heart beats faster than usual? Some of us know this feeling all too well. It’s also not partial to a time and place either, which makes it exceptionally harder to face the day ahead know that IT could appear at any time.

But what if you could discreetly reach into your pocket and roll-on a magical scent that will instantly make you feel calmer and more relaxed?

That’s what we have created, tried and tested it works to help relieve anxiety, soothe headaches, and helps you sleep easier. Smells yum too.

Made by hand in our Sheffield studio using the highest and purest aromatherapy graded essential oils and recyclable materials, this product is 100% natural and vegan.

Available directly from our online store here.

Our well-being is important, and we shouldn’t have to compromise it. Together lets kick anxiety's butt!

#AnxietyRelief #HeadacheRelief #StressRelief #SleepRelief #NaturalRemedy #MadeInSheffield #WildSwan

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