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Choice Magazine's Scent Of The Month

We were so honoured to have our Well-Being 'Clarity" Natural Soy Wax Essential Oil Candle featured in June's printed edition of Choice Magazine.

Our Clarity Candle has been designed to help you embrace positivity and clarity, as well as helping you to create a calming atmosphere, soothing you form the inside out.

Containing pure essentials oils; lavender, May Chang and cederwood, which possess a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, when released into the atmosphere will help to clear the air of toxins and combat anxiety;  * Lavender helps to combat anxiety and restlessness, as well as insomnia * May Chang will lift your mood, mental fogginess and help with fatigue * Cedarwood is a natural antiseptic and relaxant.

You can get your 'Clarity' Candle here.

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