About Wild Swan

vegan * natural * sustainable 

Our story


All of our products are made using pure essential oils as the key ingredient, and are inspired by the amazing plants & herbs which they come from.

Essential oils possess a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and when correctly blended they can be incredibly beneficial to us in many ways. For example the pure essential oil Geranium will help lift your mood by creating balance and aid in settling the nervous system, and can also be used as a natural external antiseptic. If blended together (correctly) with Cedarwood, this will create a great tonic for the skin, and can help with many skin conditions. Of course, this blend is then to be added to the correct amount of base-oil.

Our products have been thoughtfully and gently formulated using specific essential oils, and ingredients, to benefit your skin, soothe your senses, and boost your well-being. 


Homemade remedies using plants and herbs have been used in our family for generations, so using them to create our own aromatherapy products makes us extremely happy and proud.

The name


Living on the edge of the Peak District we are inspirited, to live a simpler and sustainable life, and by the nature and wildlife which surrounds us.

Wild Swan symbolises the freedom and balance of living more in tune to nature.

The concept

Being prone to severe eye irritation, skin irritation and headaches I decided to do some research, and found that most of my unwanted ailments were down to toxic chemicals found in many of our regular candles, diffusers, toiletries and cosmetics. Being a lover of beautiful scents and candlelight I became inspired to make my own using only pure, and natural ingredients, free from chemicals, together with pure essential oils, which then led to the making other natural well-being products. Products that are not only nourishing to our skin and senses, but which are kind to our planet and also beneficial for our well-being.

Helping you to take a moment during your day, escape the stresses of modern-day life, and re-connect you to mother nature - we hope our products will assist you on your self-care journey.

the ingredients

* Pure & organic high grade essential oils

* Raw, natural & sustainable materials 

* Locally sourced where possible

* Cruelty Free

* Vegan friendly

the Packaging

We are always working hard at reducing our environmental impact.

We have a zero-waste policy & keep all of our packaging to a minimum.

All shipping boxes, pouches, and fillings are recycled & re-used.

 All of our glassware can be sent back to us to be re-used, and in return you will get 10% off your next purchase.

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